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Another Great Year: 2018

​ 2018 is the year I added a second dog to the family, Luna. Despite his initial hesitation, Leo loves her dearly as do I.

I became a runner this year, not just someone who runs, but a real runner who trains hard and in the process I logged nearly 3k miles with 300k feet - more miles than I’ve run in my entire previous 30 years of life combined. Running is so much fun; I never return from a run regretting my choice to get out the door, no matter how hard it may have been.

I ran 5 ultras, my first (and 2nd) 50 miler and after 10 years of trying finally got my first Dipsea black shirt! I pinned a number on 19 times. I was the runner-up on six of those occasions (STAY HUNGRY).

I had a front row seat at Western States, the most moving event I’ve ever attended and on top of that helped a best friend achieve a dream. Two months later I was honored to be in their special wedding.

Despite not going on one serious ride, I still managed to commute nearly 900 miles by bike too. I always aimed for 1 day minimum per week that I didn’t drive my car and was largely successful in that endeavor.

I read! When I turned 30 I set a goal to read 100 books by the time I turn 40. I came up a bit short last year, but this year I read 10 books and am back on pace - I made the time & learned a lot. Not bad for someone who only made it through a few reads in my 20s. The momentum is there and my shelf is full of books ready to devour.

I made sleep a priority and improved my diet in a few key aspects, avoiding all injuries and illnesses except for a minor ankle sprain and a few epic (but well worth it) hangovers.

I said ‘yes’ more often than not. Yes, to doing spontaneous things, helping others, coaching people through tough times, and listening to my heart’s desires when in doubt.

The year wasn’t full of all highs - my mom was in the hospital no less than a half dozen times. My grandparents moved from their home of 25 years, a place I grew up associating with family and holidays that now no longer exists. I've mentally prepared myself for the inevitable and try to call and visit as often as possible.

What does 2019 hold? More of the same good stuff and then some, I hope! There will be lows too, I’m sure. I have some audacious goals I’m gunning for, but I’ll remain confident and courageous in the pursuit of them.

Most importantly there will always be more things to learn, friendships to forge, and experiences to help guide each step into the future. I’m so grateful for each of you that play a part in my journey, this year and all the others, no matter how big or small - so, THANK YOU and Happy New Year!! 🎉



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