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A Diamond in the Rough: Rod Farvard

When Rod Farvard crossed the finish line last fall at the Cuyamaca 100K in Julian, California, not only had he just finished his first 100k (his third ultramarathon), won the race and set a new course record in the process, but he thought he’d just punched his ticket to the 2019 Western States Endurance Run. Quite literally a dream come true for this 23-year-old from San Francisco. Read the full story on Ultrarunning Magazine

The Little Things

photos: Kim Reierson Believe it or not, I actually don't go to the gym (except for the occasional sauna/hot tub/rainy SB day treadmill session). I do try to do all the 'little things' - elements of training that don't require a ton of time commitment, but add up over the weeks, months, and years. What that means for me could be completely different for you, but what's most important is the commitment to consistency. Everyday I spend: -30-45 minutes reading in the morning with my breakfast - usually oatmeal with dried nuts, fresh fruits, and a green smoothie. I find reading sets the speed (a slow one) for my day and gets my mental juices flowing. I dive into my tasks less rushed and not stres

Thoughts from a ride

photos: Jordan Clark Haggard It took about 801 days to build some confidence back, but I do have some fun cycling related stuff in the works down the road so a slow build makes sense...a few thoughts: there is nothing quite like standing out of the saddle, downshifting and using your entire core and upper body to torque a surge of power up a hill. It's an incredible full body engagement sensation that I've found since sticking to a solid core/upper body routine the past 2 years while mostly running, felt more stable and was exponentially more fun than I remembered. As a runner, you have an infinite amount of 'gears' or micro adjustments that you can make to your speed with cadence and stride

Back to Big Sur in 2020

The Los Padres National Forest and more specifically Big Sur, has played host to some of my greatest endurance challenges over the last decade of my life. Big Sur is widely known as one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, and rightly so. It’s an extremely rugged section of California’s central coast situated between Carmel and San Simeon. Bordered to the west by the great Pacific and to the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains, it’s only traversed by the narrow and winding Highway 1, known for stunning seaside cliffs and never ending views of the misty and jagged coastline. I remember my first visit to Limekiln State Park and visiting the falls as a teenager fondly. Hikin


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