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The Ride That Hooked Me For Life

I I remember the day well, boarding the number four bus in Mill Valley destined for San Francisco and there were actual seats available. It’s common to find yourself standing for 90-minutes during this commute. Luckily, I grabbed a window on the east side of the bus for a guaranteed picturesque view of the City during the Bridge crossing. Now if only I could stay awake long enough through the rush hour traffic to enjoy the view. Within minutes I was snoozing, using the glass as my pillow. I likely day dreamt about not being on the bus and doing something else; I’m sure I hated my job and I was scheming of a way out, but I don’t remember the details. The gentle hum of hundreds of engines slow

Exploring Montaña de Oro with Pacific Coast Trail Runs

Nestled just to the south of the small Central Coast hamlet of Los Osos is Montaña de Oro State Park, or "Mountain of Gold" the name born from the golden wildflowers found during the spring and summer months in the park. Boasting 8,000 acres of sandy beaches, rolling hills, coastal plains, streams, cliffs and canyons as well as a few 1,000-foot peaks, MdO provides countless options for runners, hikers, bikers, equestrians, campers and surfers. The many trails with varied terrain features and paths looping around the park for the MdO 36k created the perfect backdrop for a pre-spring race. Read more on the rabbit chatter

mid (race) week, random rest day musings

Running slowly has a meditative effect on me. The sights, the sounds of everything around - I love to take it all in. I always run w/o music for this precise reason. Music is for working, partying, post-workout shower beers and dancing. When I run slow, which is more often than not now (thanks coach!), my mind is cleared of clutter. I'm focused on not only my surroundings, but the ease of my stride, the stress free feeling in the muscles of my face, my arms swinging like pendulums by my side with virtually no friction. I try to float. And @ the same time my mind is free to wander, ponder and dream. Embracing the slow days allows me to imagine the days I get to run fast, entering a completely


"Shine with all of your light, all of the time."



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