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The Los Padres National Forest Traverse

The concept was simple really – traverse three mountain ranges, tip-toe around two wilderness areas all while crossing the entire southern portion of Los Padres National Forest, a nearly 2 million-acre section of seldom-visited forest in northern Santa Barbara county. Logistics were the ultimate challenge in completing such an arduous 110-mile, 15,000-foot day in the saddle of my Niner hardtail. Where would we get water? Could we carry enough food? Was there enough light in the first week of January to finish? Read the full story @ Dirt Rag

8 Things You Need to Know to Ride Everest on a Bike

Adventurers have long lusted after the distinction of climbing the world’s highest peak, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), there are no bike routes to the top—which means that cycling attempts are limited to “Everesting," or logging enough vertical in one day to equal an ascent of the iconic 29,029-foot peak. Riding 29,029 feet of elevation is possible; it's just not easy. Bicycling has what you need to know to plan your attempt.


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