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My First Ultramarathon

At the start of an ultramarathon a wide range of emotions can be found on the faces in the crowd; some seem nervous, others giddy with excitement, while a few have precision focus. I think I was feeling a mix of all three, surrounded by friends, my elementary school PE teacher, a woman my Mom was in Lamaze class with 30 years ago, family and other competitors. It felt a bit like home (the start was only a few miles from where I grew up in Mill Valley), albeit on a bit of a different playing field than usual for me. Read more @ rabbit

Joe Gray: The Mountain Running King

Fresh off a trip from the 2017 World Mountain Running Championships in Premana, Italy, Joseph Gray isn’t looking back on what could have been, but instead ahead to the challenges that await him the rest of the season. Based on his track record in the sport of running, it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Gray, considered one of the world’s most talented mountain trail runners. Read more @ Topical Edge


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