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108th Dipsea: Sweet & Savory, But Always Hungry For More

When you dream about something for long enough and you finally put in the work to set yourself up for the best possible chance at success, is there any option but to go out and execute your plan on race day? Read more at rabbit

Dreaming of a Dipsea Dynasty

First held in 1905, The Dipsea Race is the longest running trail race in America. Stretching 7.4 miles from Mill Valley to Stintson Beach, CA, The Dipsea snakes over Mt Tamalpais offering a beautiful perch over San Francisco. Known for its stairs and vertical challenge, The Dipsea is a classic for trail runners worldwide; 2018 edition was my 10th consecutive and the start of a new streak that I hope to continue for years to come. Read more on


"Shine with all of your light, all of the time."



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