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Another Great Year: 2018

​ 2018 is the year I added a second dog to the family, Luna. Despite his initial hesitation, Leo loves her dearly as do I. I became a runner this year, not just someone who runs, but a real runner who trains hard and in the process I logged nearly 3k miles with 300k feet - more miles than I’ve run in my entire previous 30 years of life combined. Running is so much fun; I never return from a run regretting my choice to get out the door, no matter how hard it may have been. I ran 5 ultras, my first (and 2nd) 50 miler and after 10 years of trying finally got my first Dipsea black shirt! I pinned a number on 19 times. I was the runner-up on six of those occasions (STAY HUNGRY). I had a front ro


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