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As a coach, I believe every athlete has untapped potential, delivering full service coaching to each person with the same thought I would do for myself. Living by the philosophy to care about the individual first, before building their aerobic engine through customized training plans to work in symbiosis with real life. Ultimately, to be a successful athlete I believe you must be a happy athlete, because happy racers have more fun and in turn naturally go faster.


I specialize in coaching a variety of endurance athletes, runners/cyclists/multi-sport, from beginner to elite, all looking to maximize their performance through a balanced lifestyle, training, nutrition, and effective race day planning.

In my free time, I enjoy surfing, hiking, and cross-training. I know through experience that if you're not enjoying your training, you need to change your approach; with me as your coach, you’re guaranteed to have fun and learn new things about yourself, all while making previously thought of unattainable athletic goals ripe for the picking.

Personal Bests:

Mile 3:59 (downhill) | 5k 15:55 | Half-Marathon 1:12

 Marathon 2:36 | 50k 3:22 | 50 mile 6:07 | 100k 8:29 | 

100 mile 15:35

Coaching perks: unlimited contact, unconditional support, and endless fun. Contact me for more details.

Finding the right fit for both athlete & coach is paramount - if that's not me for you, I'm happy to recommend any number of experienced friends/colleagues

who might be the perfect match for you.

running / cycling / multi-sport

Born exploring the trails of Mount Tamalpais, my passion for the dirt has progressed from trail runner to professional endurance mountain biker and now ultramarathoner— winning my second ultra ever, the No Name 50k in Augora, CA, finishing just a couple of minutes off the course a 100+ degree heat. I've now raced 27 ultras in the last six years, had success at a few FKTs. and just generally love racing the fast, fun, technical short stuff, too. It’s more than fair to say my entire life has revolved around being outdoors and competing in a multitude of sports. I began coaching tennis as a teenager, currently coach high school cross-country, and am hooked on helping all types of athletes reach their potential and perform their best on a daily basis in all aspects of life.


Completing the Leadville 100 MTB 2x ('11/'13) solidified my passion for endurance sports, but not in cycling alone. I'm interested in endurance racing of all types, even completing an extreme triathlon involving a marathon half on the beach and half straight up a 4,000 foot mountain—audacious adventures stoke my fire. I also hold my USA Cycling category 1 road and cyclocross license.


In competition I thrive on mountainous terrain like that found at the Dipsea, the oldest trail race in America, of which I'm an 16x consecutive finisher and 6x black shirt winner. Never one to turn down a challenge, gravel grinders, road races, hill climbs, ultras, track meets, criteriums, cross-country, and trail races litter my results history. I've now raced 200+ times in my career. I love pushing my own perceived limits while utilizing a myriad of racing and training experiences to prepare for some of the most physically and mentally demanding races anywhere in the world.


Ara Parseghian

"A good coach will make his athletes see what they can be rather than what they are."

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