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My First Fastest Known Time: The Backbone Trail

When my friend Adam Kimble described his experience during his successful supported Tahoe Rim Trail Fastest Known Time (FKT), I knew instantly the project I wanted to take on this fall. “I love the supported effort from the standpoint of that it’s really fun to get your group of people together, your team, & go after something together.” He reflected, “Yeah, it was me running, but it was my team doing everything else & making it all happen. I love that team aspect; the camaraderie of that is a big part of what draws me to supported stuff.”

From that conversation in August to last weekend I poured my heart and soul into the Backbone Trail that traverses the entire Santa Monica Mountains from LA to Ventura. On Saturday, I ran a new FKT on the Backbone in 11 hours, 10 minutes and 39 seconds, breaking the previous record by 26 minutes.

Special recognition is in order to my pacers Bryan Boyhan, Ben Atkins, and Rod Farvard as well as my crew chief and best friend David Silverander. The unconditional support in pursuit of this, my greatest athletic achievement, from you all has been incredible!

A feature story in UltraRunning Magazine and a longer film from Ali Rogers will come, but please enjoy this teaser.

More on the FKT project here:


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