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Tyler Green: Cascade Volcano King

“The biggest change for me in this idea of getting an FKT is that there’s a very bold line. You’re either successful in getting the time, or you’re not. There’s no podium—no top ten. You either get it or you don’t. Dealing with these extrinsic goals, there’s also this feeling of what if I ended up running 17:30? Five days ago that would have been very impressive, and now it just disappears into the ether,” said Tyler Green just a few weeks after beating Dylan Bowman’s supported FKT on the 95-mile Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.

No Sleep Till Leadville: Courtney Dauwalter's Colorado Trail FKT Attempt

The Colorado Trail stretches 500 miles from Durango to Waterton Canyon, just southwest of Denver. Finished in 1987, the trail, in total, passes through eight mountain ranges, six national forests and six wilderness areas. Most of it is above 10,000 feet with its highest point reaching 13,271 feet above sea level.


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