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Coree Woltering's Ice Age Trail FKT: Running 3 Weeks Straight, 10 Seconds at a Time

"I’m sure there is a diverse group of great athletes out there that now know that people race 50k or 50 miles on the trails. Trail running is a really cool thing and people are now finally paying attention to it. I like getting the message out there and sharing stories that people of color can do this too. I’m trying to encourage people to get outdoors. I want to bring many more people into the sport." Woltering's infectious positivity is palpable in every conversation I’ve ever had with him the last few years. This one was particularly extraordinary, as I prepare for my first FKT attempt this fall of only 68 miles here I am still struggling to wrap my head around running nearly that distanc

Latoya Snell: Inspiring Others to Invest in Themselves

photo: Howie Stern For Latoya Snell, there’s something about the smaller ultra community. She’s drawn to the enthusiasm shown for new runners toeing the line and feels right at home on the trails. It’s why she encourages others to invest in themselves by getting out the door each day from her home in Brooklyn, NY. Leading by example, it’s a risk that Latoya continues to take and one where she finds that the hardest things can become the best teaching moments.

Candice Burt’s Unsupported Tahoe Rim Trail FKT

Originally Candice Burt had planned to spend the week before her next race, the Badwater 135, adapting to the heat in the Badwater Basin, but with Badwater’s official cancellation, she instead spent a week at altitude in Lake Tahoe for her new goal: the 171-mile Tahoe Rim Trail unsupported fastest known time.


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