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Coree Woltering's Ice Age Trail FKT: Running 3 Weeks Straight, 10 Seconds at a Time

"I’m sure there is a diverse group of great athletes out there that now know that people race 50k or 50 miles on the trails. Trail running is a really cool thing and people are now finally paying attention to it. I like getting the message out there and sharing stories that people of color can do this too. I’m trying to encourage people to get outdoors. I want to bring many more people into the sport."

Woltering's infectious positivity is palpable in every conversation I’ve ever had with him the last few years. This one was particularly extraordinary, as I prepare for my first FKT attempt this fall of only 68 miles here I am still struggling to wrap my head around running nearly that distance every day for three weeks in a row. This man is incredible and an inspiration to all! Read my first ever cover story in UltraRunning Magazine’s September issue.

Photos: Kevin Youngblood

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